Good night… Having a father in my life for the first time at 32 years old is SO confusing. ALL OF TEH FEELZ. All mixed together. Things I had not thought of in 25 years coming back to the surface.

And now I don’t even know how to end an email. Everything feels either cold or inappropriate. I wish I could just express myself with colours and/or pictograms.




Although I’d add the fear of port-o-potties, the annoyance at stepping over people tripping while lying down in everyone’s way, food poisoning, sunburns, lack of proper showers and FUCKING WHITE PEOPLE WITH NATIVE AMERICAN HEADDRESSES

Which literary heroine are you?

Which literary heroine are you?

My Result: Scarlett O’Hara(78%)

Well golly Miss Scarlett! With a 17-inch waist (give or take a few *cough* inches), and a dress made out of some perfectly sassy curtains, you surely are the belle of six counties! Just remember, even Rhett Butler has his breaking point. Frankly though, you came through a civil war unscathed and don’t give a damn!

Additional Results:

Scarlett O’Hara (78%)

Jane Eyre (47%)

Cathy Earnshaw (47%)

Lizzy Bennet (47%)

Petrova Fossil (43%)

Anne of Green Gables (38%)

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